Printer Booth

A Professional Studio Experience

This photo booth is packed with the best photography equipment on the market. We’re talking top of the line Canon DSLR imagery and studio flash.

We’ve splurged on this photo booth to give you the same image quality you’d expect from a professional photo studio.

It comes with printed photos, but also the ability to share directly to guests phones so they can post on social media ASAP.

This photo booth is a must have for weddings, galas, charity events, or holiday parties.

Group of girls taking a photo with the printer photo booth

What to expect

The Printer Booth is accompanied by one of our photo booth attendants who will be there to help guests with poses, take photos, and ensure every capture / print is top notch. They’re also highly trained in making sure people have a damn good time.

We’ll arrive at your event two hours before your desired start time to  set up the photo booth. After that our attendant will stay on site to get people moving through the photo booth and help get your party started.

People at a wedding using the printer photo booth to take a group picture

Included Features

Let’s keep it real for a second.  While other companies will try to upsell you on basic features, we’re here to keep it simple. Every photo booth rental comes with everything you need to make your event a hit. No up-sells, no hidden costs, just a photo booth and a good time.

Unlimited Photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs

When we say unlimited, we mean unlimited. Your photo booth rental will include multiple capture types including still photos, GIFs (4 still photos taken within seconds of each other and stitched together), and Boomerangs (a short 3 second looping video).

Printed Photos

We offer printed photos for every single photo that's taken at the event. Each guest has the option to receive 1 print per photo op. For example, if you have a big group photo with 10 people, all 10 people will receive 1 print, and then if 5 of those same people stick around for a new photo op they'll also get 1 print from that new capture.

Online Gallery

The day after your event we'll send you an online gallery with every single photo from your event.

Premium Backdrop

You get your pick at one of our premium backdrops to accompany your photo booth rental. From colorful patterns to simple elegance, we have a backdrop for you.

On-Site Attendant

A Puddles On-Site Attendant will accompany every Printer Booth rental. Think of them as your official photo booth hype man/woman. They'll be there to set-up, tear down, help guests with poses, and make sure people are having a damn good time.

Instant Sharing via Email / Text / Airdrop

After each photo is taken guests are able to immediately send the captures directly from the photo booth to their phones via email, text, or even airdrop. 

Custom Photo Overlays

Overlays are essentially digital photo frames that will accompany each photo from your event. If an overlay is desired, our in-house designer will create a handful of options for you to choose from based on the theme and aesthetic of your event. Each design will be edited based on any feedback you have and won't be finished until you're satisfied. 

Curated Props

Listen, we're not into anything tacky and we make sure our prop collection is simultaneously fun for guests and aesthetically pleasing to look at. If you don't want props, we can do that. If you want custom props, we can work with you for an additional cost to make that happen too.

Customize your photo booth experience

Prints & Overlays

Every photo booth experience is customized to your preferences. One of the ways we do that is with our custom designed photo and print templates. If you have specific colors, fonts, messages, or mood boards you’d like us to follow we’ll work hand in hand to make sure we match your aesthetic to create the perfect photo template that will accompany each of your guest’s photos.

Printed photos on a table of people using the photo booth

Printer Booth Pricing

Our hourly structure reflects ACTIVE photo booth time. Your photo booth rental can be set up and on idle time (i.e. ready to go but not in use) for as long as you need.

2 Hour Rental
3 Hour Rental
4 Hour Rental

Photo Booth Upgrades

Feeling a little extra? We’ve got the upgrades you need to add that bit of spice to your event.

Idle Time (+$50/hr)

To save you money and ensure you're getting the right amount of active photo booth time, we recommend looking into an idle period for your photo booth rental based on the schedule of your event.

A prime example is a wedding, which we'll use the schedule below for:

4:00pm: Guests arrive
5:00pm: Ceremony starts
5:30-7:30pm: Cocktail hour and dinner
7:30-10:30pm: Dancing, dessert, and all that fun stuff

You have two options here:

1) Get a 6.5 hour rental where the photo booth is active the entire time and starts as soon as guests arrive at 4:00pm and goes to 10:30pm. This would cost you around $1,795.

2) You have an idle period from 4:00-7:30pm, which is the period where people will be least likely to use the photo booth. You then start a 3 hour active photo booth period from 7:30-10:30pm. This would cost you around $1,270 ($525 less than option 1!).

Not all events are created equal so we'll work hand in hand with you to figure out what works best for your event to make sure you're getting all the photo booth time you need while also being the most cost efficient.

Flower Wall Backdrop (+$300)

We have a handful of 8x8 flower wall backdrops to choose from, which you can see all of them here. These flower walls can not only be used for photo booth backdrops but also for wedding decor. A popular wedding trend is using them behind the bride and groom's dinner table. 

Hedge Wall Backdrop (+$150)

Our 8x8 hedge wall backdrop is a great addition to any event. It pairs perfectly with a custom neon sign, which we can hang and truly add a special experience to your event. 

Custom Printed Photo Album (+$150)

While every photo booth rental comes with an online gallery, we understand that there's something special about a physical photo album and we're happy to make that happen for you. After the event we'll put together a custom engraved photo book with photos from your event, which we'll then mail to you.

Custom Printed Backdrop
(price will vary based on needs)

Not finding the perfect backdrop? Let us create one for you. We can custom design anything you'd like and if you're a brand we can create a step and repeat backdrop with your logo.

Keep in mind this process will take additional time so we highly recommend booking with us at least 3 months in advance to make sure everything is manufactured and shipped in time.

Custom Props Package
(price will vary based on needs)

Regardless of the event theme we can work with you to source and create custom props for your event. This process can take up to a month so we highly recommend booking with us at least 3 months in advance to ensure all props are manufactured and shipped in time. 

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